Monday, August 18, 2008


Glad to see that the Americans weren't cheated out of another gold medal in gymnastics.

Anybody catch the trampoline finals the other night? When Bob Costas announced that trampoline coverage was coming up, I thought the Man Show had made it to the Olympics. Apparently there really is a competition. I watched the first routine, but was forced to change the channel when motion sickness set in. I will say this, they girl was at least 15 feet off the trampoline. That is great and all, but does it make sense to get rid of softball and keep the trampoline?

I also saw some of the ping pong competition. It was hard to stay with, especially watching their body language. When the commentators started talking about injuries that the players had suffered, I had to change the channel. How do you get hurt when you don't even move 2 feet?

Oh well, good luck to the rest of the Olympians!