Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I have been tagged.

My friend Jill, tagged me about 2 years ago, so I thought it was about time to participate. Sorry for being late! I am suppose to write 7 random things about me. This shouldn't be that hard!

1 I have a little OCD (obsesive-compulsive-disorder). Of course this is a self diagnosis, but for example if I tap my left 5 times I have to tap my right foot 5 times.
2 I talk to myself way to much, and with too much volume. I mean I can hear myself even if I am talking in my head. I don't know why I have to vocalize.
3 My grammar is horendous. (and spelling)
4 I want a Toyota Tacoma in the worst way.
5 I didn't participate in 10 things Tuesday this week because I wasn't feeling it. I am still thankful, but I needed a different outlet yesterday. I still think it is a helpful exercise. Sorry XBOX Wife!
6 I eat way too much junk food.
7 I have a recurring dream that I am attacked and eaten by a bear. It's not always the same bear, but the results are the same. It doesn't matter if it's a grizzly or polar bear, everyone else makes it safely into the house, while I am devoured. What does this mean? I know, I am terrified of bears!!!!!!!

I think everyone has been tagged that will participate, but if you would like be my guest!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Random Randomness

Well, it is about 4:45 on Monday afternoon. I am sitting at home waiting for the Dish guy to show up to install my HD programing. You know, I excited about finally getting HD. I bought the TV back in November, but we relied on an HD antenna to get our HD programming. We started having problems with our service, so I decided just to upgrade the equipment. Anyway, they scheduled the service between 12-5 today. Luckily I have a job and a boss that allow me to be at home today, and I have to say there nothing wrong with being here. It is a little annoying when they are not here on time. I would charged a cancelation fee if I didn't show up.

TXU energy just stopped by to sell me energy. I think I'll take the deal. I need energy.

The family flew kites yesterday. We had fun. They don't make kites the way they used too.

Time to get the energy out the door, Jennifer will be here with Jackson who will need to change clothes and go get his baseball pictures taken.

Dish guy is here now. It's a party!!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Ten Things Tuesday (Yet I will rejoice in the Lord)

OK this may be a little cheap, but this is the type of thing that I am thankful for today. If you don't laugh at this, you're dead to me. By the way, if you want to participate then check out my friend XBOX Wife's blog for further instructions.

1-10 This isn't my kid, but everyone loves to hear a baby laugh. I especially like his red face.

My kids can be a handful sometimes (especially about getting dressed), Yet I will rejoice in Lord that they are unique individuals who stand up for what they believe in. They mean the world to me, this video is a reminder of how much joy they bring me. I don't have time right now to explain the Yet I will rejoice, but you can check it out here.

Go home and tell your kids you love them!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck?

I was talking on the phone with Jennifer this afternoon when I spotted a strange creature lurking outside the office. After our conversation concluded I decided to take a closer look at said creature. I followed it for several yards trying to be as inconspicuous as possible. I discovered that it was a friendly woodchuck. Also known as a ground hog or marmot to some. I returned to my computer to research our friend the woodchuck. Little did I realize these guys are extremely terrifying. Here is what I found:

The wily woodchuck is an inoffensive yet challenging target. While normally harmless, the woodchuck can become dangerous when aroused. It is frequently hunted at ranges of 200-400 yards. Although many people believe that this is because they are shy and easily frightened, quickly disappearing into their burrows, experienced hunters know that the extended range is for personal safety. It is critical to move cautiously when encountering groups of woodchucks, as they are known to engage in cooperative behavior and react explosively.

As you can see from this picture that I able to take shortly before I fled the scene, I was well within the woodchuck's kill zone. To add to my Ten Things Tuesday, I am thankful to still be alive.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ten Things Tuesday (Wednesday)

I had a long day at work yesterday. Go to my friend XBOX Wife and check out the details.

1 I am thankful for big trees.
2 I am thankful for big trees that do not fall on my house.
3 I am thankful for Dad and his hired hand that helped (i.e. did all of the cutting) with the removal of big trees.
4 I am thankful that my neighbor didn't mind his fence being destroyed by big trees falling down.
5 I am thankful to be staying at home for a few weeks.
6 I am thankful to be working for a generous employer.
7 I am thankful for my wife and all of the hard work she does, both with the family and her business.
8 I am thankful for our small groups.
9 I am thankful for all the people that check this blog, and for XBOX Wife's help sending a few my way.
10 I am thankful that the work day is almost over, I am still tired from yesterday.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Meanwhile back at the ranch

Sorry it has been a while. I spent the majority of last week in West Texas. I was invited, along with the rest of the IT department, to visit the Man's Ranch (the man being the founder of my company). This is the Man's way of giving something back to his employees. The idea is spend some time away from work to recharge the batteries. I have to admit that I wasn't really looking forward to it because I spend so much time away from home anyway. I glad that I went. We had a good time, and I finally got to meet more people in my department.

We began with a flight to Midland, from there we drove about 2 hours to the ranch. We enjoyed some free time that night. There is a movie theater, shuffle board, darts, pool, and various card games that you can use to occupy your time. I decided to watch "No Country for Old Men". I thought it was a pretty good movie, but I fell asleep during the last 10 minutes so I didn't see the ending. I heard it wasn't that good anyway.

The next day we had our choice of various outdoor activities. I went cowboy and rode a horse. I haven't been on a horse in about 15 years, and I have to tell you I wish I more opportunities. I rode a paint horse named Monkey. He had a little bit of temper, and the other horses knew it. Every time he got close to one of them, they would move away and he would follow right after them. He kept me busy. I rode a 4 wheeler that afternoon. We weren't allowed to take them off the main road. That combined with a 25 mph speed limit, and a 50 mph wind didn't make an enjoyable ride. More movies and games in the evening.

I took it easy the next morning, and rode a horse again in the afternoon. This time it was a horse named Clyde. He must of been half Clydesdale because he was really tall. Riding a horse was a nice way to see the country side. Although I realized that I an no cowboy. That horse jumped a few times, and I thought I was going to die. It is amazing how fast an animal that large can move.

We drove to Midland on Saturday and flew home. As I said before, I enjoyed my time out there. It was nice to see Midland again, even though it was only from the air. There aren't many trees out on the ranch, but I think it there is some beautiful countryside there. I hope to go back next year.

Sorry for the long post, but I had a lot to say. Tomorrow there will be 10 things Tuesday. At some point I will share what went on at home while I was away, and a few thoughts on the Man.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Ten Things Tuesday

My friend XBOX Wife has a little exercise she calls Ten Things Tuesday. The following are 10 things that I am thankful for this week.

1. I am thankful that Owen and I spent a little alone time together today.
2. I am thankful that Owen and I watched a little of the Rangers Opening Day game. After sitting silent and motionless for about 5 batters he simply said "ball". I couldn't have said it better myself.
3. I am thankful that my daughter loves me as much as she does.
4. I am thankful that I had a date night with Mia on Friday. We had a great time at the movies.
5. I am thankful that Jackson and I had a guys night out on Saturday. We changed our plans a little, but we enjoyed our time.
6. I am thankful for the fireside chat on Friday with the guys. Those nights are few and far between.
7. I am thankful that I have a selfless wife that allowed me to have my weekend even though she was working.
8. I am thankful that my employer is giving us three free days off at his ranch this week. I'm not sure how I feel travel for my enjoyment when I am never home, but it is nice of him to do none the less.
9. I am thankful to have a huge yard to mow. I am now only realizing its potential, too bad we will probably get it just how we like right before we move.
10. I am thankful for my new PSP. I am taking my nerdiness on the road. I am so tired of Soduku!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Ten Things Tuesday

I have to admit this is a tough one today. I am trying not to repeat anything from last week, but there is not much finding its way into my mind. The ones I do repeat are extremely important to me.

1. I am thankful that Jenn received good news about new opportunities today.
2. I am thankful that cavemen don't exist anymore. They really creep me out!
3. I am thankful that Owen loves to walk every where we go. It is diffcult to keep up with him, but I am glad he is active.
4. I am thankful that Mia's burps are "nice and shiny". (Her words, not mine)
5. I am thankful that Jackson enjoys getting exercise. I especially enjoyed his baseball game Saturday.
6. I am thankful that we are preparing to put our house on the market. That means we are closer to moving to a bigger place.
7. I am thankful for friends that include us in their activities (even though we stay a little later than we should).
8. I am thankful that my in-laws kept the kids for us the other night. It was nice to have a little time alone.
9. I am thankful that I don't associate with dishonest people. I will explain this in greater detail later.
10. I am thankful there is a UFC Fight Night tomorrow night on Spike.