Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sgt. Faith

To just to catch you up, I travel basically every week all over the United States. I have had to the priveledge of sharing flights with many B list celebrities, and I enjoy documenting the encounters here on my blog. Well, I have a new one on the list, her name is Sargent Faith.

This dog may actually travel more than I do. Her owner told me that she has flown 16 times since the beginning of the year, and she has 20 more trips planned including one to Iraq. She visits army hospitals to boost moral of the soldiers who have been injured during the line of duty. She really is a remarkable dog. She has no front legs. Her owner said that she was born that way, and she is the only dog to walk on her hind legs 100% of the time. Faith doesn't travel in a carrier, she has her own seat. In fact she receives frequent flyer miles. I have to admit, this might be the freakiest thing that I have ever seen. It was like a little hairy person walking down the jetway.

Ten Things Tuesday

My friend XBOX Wife has challenged several of us to share ten things that we are thankful. List will appear every Tuesday. Check out her website, and join in.

1 I am thankful that I made it Maryland safely and relatively on time.
2 I am thankful that I was able to spend a little "quiet" time with Owen this morning. The other two kids can sometimes dominate my time.
3 I am thankful that my wonderful wife takes care of the family while I am away (and when I am there).
4 I am thankful that my 7 year-old has fun when he is playing baseball.
5 I am thankful that I am employed.
6 I am thankful for the nerds that play Halo with me.
7 I am thankful that I have friends that will call me when they need to vent their frustrations.
8 I am thankful that I have friends that I can call when I need to vent my frustrations.
9 I am thankful for everyone that spends their free time reading this blog. I am not the best writer, and I know this can be boring sometimes but I appreciate their interest in my life.
10 I am thankful that Mia loves to invite me to her room to play.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Randy Pausch

"Experiance is what you get when you don't get what you wanted."

"When you are doing a bad job, and no one points it out to you, that is when they have given up on you."

"Brick walls are there for a reason; they let us prove how badly we want things."

"Work and play well with others."

"Don't complain; just work harder."

This was sent by the president of my company. It is only 12 minutes long, you might find some benefit in it.


Quick Hits

I passed 1,000 stalkers. Thank you so much, you guys make me feel special.

I am looking for a new car. I have narrowed the search for a few models until today. Looks like I will be driving the yellow dog for a few more years. In 2010 Pontiac is releasing the new El Camino. Is it car? Is it a truck? I don't know!

If I can remember next week, I am going to bring my camera. I plan on documenting my life on the road. It should be seconds of fun for you the reader.

Of course I have some photos to upload now, but I can't seem to get it to work.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Josh Hamilton Again

I had a post not long ago about my favorite Rangers. I mentioned Josh Hamilton as a person that I am rooting for the most. If you didn't read his story, he was perhaps one of the best baseball players to come out of high school ever. He had everything going for him. At one point in his life he turned to drugs and almost lost everything. With the help of family and friends he has turned to the Lord and that has changed his life. Again, you really need to read this story to appreciate everything that he has been through. http://tinyurl.com/2l7lck

(From today's Star-Telegram feature penned by Jeff Wilson: "You'll probably see me with [Josh Hamilton] all the time because I'm drawn to him," Bradley said Wednesday. "Once I got to talking to him, and found out about his life and things he has to deal with every day, I kind of understand where he's coming from." Bradley said Hamilton has inspired him to return to studying the Bible and attending services.)

Milton Bradley is another person that has been blessed with exceptional baseball talent. His problems have been mostly mental. I believe he even got into a fight with a fan in the stands. You can see the kind of impact that Josh is having on people like this. Makes you feel good. I'm thinking about inviting both of them to our Life Group.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Well, maybe that is an over statement. I remember standing in the hall outside my Freshman Bible class at ACU. I had just finished the final exam (one of the first of my college career). I was waiting for a friend to finish, when all the sudden there was a terrible commotion in the room. Apparently a very enthusiastic young lady stood up in the middle of the exam and yelled "I CAN'T TAKE THE PRESSURE!" at the top of her lungs. Now, this is freshman Bible, it was an obvious joke, and I chuckle every time I think about it.

There is so much pressure to entertain on this blasted thing. I appreciate a voicemail that I received last night and the advice that you gave me JD. I am working on it, obviously not on this post, but hopefully there will be more to come. In the meantime, its OK to be envious of this picture.

(It won't let me upload a photo right now, I will add it later. Carry on!)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Finally made it

Well, we finally made it to Maryland. It turns out that the plane was delayed coming in because of the weather we were having. On the way in it was struck by LIGHTNING! They had to replace the cone of the airplane. They finally determined they could not do it, and they gave us another plane. Once we were on board, we could not take off because the ground crew went to lunch before they loaded our baggage. All in all we landed in Dulles about 5 hours late. We didn't even make it to the office, needless to say. Today feels like Monday. Oh well, what are you going to do, it is the nature of the beast. No need to lose sleep over it! The important thing is that I made it safe.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Stuck in the Airport

Scheduled to leave at 8:40 am. Now boarding tentatively scheduled for 11:00 am. Will arrive at the Maryland office around 4:00 pm. Leave for hotel at 5:00 pm.