Wednesday, October 29, 2008

10 Things Tuesday on Wednesday

Look at XBOX Wife's blog for information on 10 Things Tuesday! If you are thankful, you can follow along.

1 I love this time of year. Fall has to be my favorite, and it all begins with Halloween. I hope we can do a little trick or treating on Friday.
2 I know that Mama Mia is feeling a little sick, but I am so thankful that my kids are healthy and full of energy. It is amazing how physically demanding keeping up with them can be, but it is well worth it!
3 I am glad that we have had some cold weather. I hope there is colder weather still to come.
4 It is nice to have a job right now. There may be some new things on the horizon, its exciting to think about.
5 Only 2 1/2 more days in Jacksonville. Can't wait to be home.
6 I am going to miss our house once we move, but we need more room. I hope that we can find someone soon that wants to buy it.
7 I am glad that Jackson really likes his school. He growing up to be an exceptional person.
8 I am thankful that the kids have their individual appreciation for music. Jackson and I both want to learn to play the guitar. I hope to take lessons once the travel lightens up.
9 I am thankful that Jennifer takes tons and tons of pictures, it is always fun to sit at the computer and watch a slideshow.
10 I love our church. It is grown so much since we placed membership. I hope to be more involved when I am in town more.

Finally finished off AC/DC!
AC/DC (31 Songs)
Ajax Cleaner and Laundry Detergent (2) These were recordings of old commercials. You will see a few more of these.
Alka Seltzer Effervescent Antacid (2) More commercials
Annoucer on TV Tunes (1)
Armour Hot Dogs (1)
Ballantine Premium Lager Beer (2)
Bavu Blakes & Rapid Ric (29) Rapper from Austin
Big & Rich (14) They covered and AC/DC song
Billy Idol (14)
Billy Joel (42)
Just started The Black Crows

Funny video:
My favorite is the chick that runs away and leaves her kid. Thanks mom!

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Mrs. Brownstone @ XBOX Wife said...

I love our church, too!

Mama Mia showed me some of her Halloween candy tonight (actually it was probably from the candy man)... Let's just say it was no longer in the package!

It gave me a good laugh!