Thursday, November 13, 2008

My trip home

I flew home from Jacksonville, Fl today. It feels like I have been there for about three months. I am not sure why this trip hasn't been enjoyable, but I look forward to coming home more than usual each week. Today I was lucky enough (so I thought) to catch an earlier flight home. Little did I know that sitting behind me on the plane would be little Tyler and his sister Satan. I have three kids myself, so I like to think that I am fairly tolerant of kids acting up in public. Its much harder to say "If I were his parents he wouldn't be doing that!" when you have little ones of your own. You have a better understanding of what their parents or this case grandma is going through.

It all started immediately after I sat down. Satan repeatedly slammed the tray table into the back of my seat. Now, I am what some people would call a stout individual. To have a 30 pound girl hit the back of the seat hard enough to move me is saying something. Shortly after this Tyler began screaming at the top of his lungs. I still don't know why! Even when they were just talking, they were screaming. After hearing the grandma tell them that people don't like it when you scream, I had enough. Please understand I have a beautiful little daughter. When it comes to screaming, she is like a Corvette. She can go from zero to cry in about 3.2 seconds. Also, because of the unfreezing process, she has trouble controlling the volume of her voice. Let me say, that Mia has nothing on these two. I kissed her twice as much when I got home.

Luckily for me, I have a PSP loaded with music and a set of very nice Bose headphones. I turned up the music extra loud. The headphones used every ounce of their noise canceling beings, but they couldn't drown out the shrieks from the dynamic duo.

Finally little Tyler fell asleep just before we started the decent. No doubt dreaming of torturing kittens. Grandma had time to catch a few Z's herself. Although she let out a pretty loud snore, it wasn't at an octave that made you think you were stabbing yourself in the eardrum with a steak knife.

In the end, I made it home. Grandma gets to spend the next month with Tyler and Satan.

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