Thursday, November 13, 2008

My trip home

I flew home from Jacksonville, Fl today. It feels like I have been there for about three months. I am not sure why this trip hasn't been enjoyable, but I look forward to coming home more than usual each week. Today I was lucky enough (so I thought) to catch an earlier flight home. Little did I know that sitting behind me on the plane would be little Tyler and his sister Satan. I have three kids myself, so I like to think that I am fairly tolerant of kids acting up in public. Its much harder to say "If I were his parents he wouldn't be doing that!" when you have little ones of your own. You have a better understanding of what their parents or this case grandma is going through.

It all started immediately after I sat down. Satan repeatedly slammed the tray table into the back of my seat. Now, I am what some people would call a stout individual. To have a 30 pound girl hit the back of the seat hard enough to move me is saying something. Shortly after this Tyler began screaming at the top of his lungs. I still don't know why! Even when they were just talking, they were screaming. After hearing the grandma tell them that people don't like it when you scream, I had enough. Please understand I have a beautiful little daughter. When it comes to screaming, she is like a Corvette. She can go from zero to cry in about 3.2 seconds. Also, because of the unfreezing process, she has trouble controlling the volume of her voice. Let me say, that Mia has nothing on these two. I kissed her twice as much when I got home.

Luckily for me, I have a PSP loaded with music and a set of very nice Bose headphones. I turned up the music extra loud. The headphones used every ounce of their noise canceling beings, but they couldn't drown out the shrieks from the dynamic duo.

Finally little Tyler fell asleep just before we started the decent. No doubt dreaming of torturing kittens. Grandma had time to catch a few Z's herself. Although she let out a pretty loud snore, it wasn't at an octave that made you think you were stabbing yourself in the eardrum with a steak knife.

In the end, I made it home. Grandma gets to spend the next month with Tyler and Satan.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

10 Things Tuesday on Wednesday

Look at XBOX Wife's blog for information on 10 Things Tuesday! If you are thankful, you can follow along.

1 I love this time of year. Fall has to be my favorite, and it all begins with Halloween. I hope we can do a little trick or treating on Friday.
2 I know that Mama Mia is feeling a little sick, but I am so thankful that my kids are healthy and full of energy. It is amazing how physically demanding keeping up with them can be, but it is well worth it!
3 I am glad that we have had some cold weather. I hope there is colder weather still to come.
4 It is nice to have a job right now. There may be some new things on the horizon, its exciting to think about.
5 Only 2 1/2 more days in Jacksonville. Can't wait to be home.
6 I am going to miss our house once we move, but we need more room. I hope that we can find someone soon that wants to buy it.
7 I am glad that Jackson really likes his school. He growing up to be an exceptional person.
8 I am thankful that the kids have their individual appreciation for music. Jackson and I both want to learn to play the guitar. I hope to take lessons once the travel lightens up.
9 I am thankful that Jennifer takes tons and tons of pictures, it is always fun to sit at the computer and watch a slideshow.
10 I love our church. It is grown so much since we placed membership. I hope to be more involved when I am in town more.

Finally finished off AC/DC!
AC/DC (31 Songs)
Ajax Cleaner and Laundry Detergent (2) These were recordings of old commercials. You will see a few more of these.
Alka Seltzer Effervescent Antacid (2) More commercials
Annoucer on TV Tunes (1)
Armour Hot Dogs (1)
Ballantine Premium Lager Beer (2)
Bavu Blakes & Rapid Ric (29) Rapper from Austin
Big & Rich (14) They covered and AC/DC song
Billy Idol (14)
Billy Joel (42)
Just started The Black Crows

Funny video:
My favorite is the chick that runs away and leaves her kid. Thanks mom!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

10 Things Tuesday and more

Now is the time on Skelty's Blog when we are thankful. Take a look at XBOX Wife's Blog to participate in 10 Things Tuesday.
1 I enjoy watching The Office, it is entertaining.
2 I am thankful to have a job.
3 Jackson is enjoying his new school. He has done well with the transition.
4 I am thankful that Halloween is here.
5 Looks like it is going to be a great fall weekend. Nice and chilly for Trunk or Treat
6 I am glad that all of my kids enjoy music in their own way.
7 I am thankful that I married a strong woman.
8 I enjoy my job.
9 I am thankful for friends,
10 and family.

Continuing with songs
Beck (26 songs) The dude is weird
Belle and Sebastian (2) From the Juno soundtrack
Ben Folds Five (36) Not very impressed
Last week my friend gave me more music. I had to go back to the letter 'A'.
AC/DC (21 Albums, 232 Songs) I said that I wanted more in the last post. Be careful what you ask for. I still have 3 albums to go.

This is guys is dumber than I am.

More later...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

10 Things Tuesday (Wednesday)

I had a long day at work yesterday followed by a long one today, but I promised that I would continue with 10 Things Tuesday, so here it is. Visit my friend XBOX Wife for more details.

1 I am thankful that my kids are healthy.
2 I am thankful for being employed.
3 I am thankful that my wife is able to take care of everything while I am away. She has a more difficult job than I can imagine.
4 I am thankful for friends.
5 I am thankful for family that is always there to help out!
6 I am thankful that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
7 I am thankful that Jackson's school situation is resolved for the moment.
8 I am thankful for not being anonymous!
9 I am thankful to have participated in the 24 hours of prayer. It opened my eyes at a time when I needed it most.
10 I am thankful to be home next week!!!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Theme time

This post is too catch up a little. Are you surprised that I haven't posted in a while. Judging from the amount of visits I have received lately, I would say no.

Speaking of visits, I have received more hits from people searching for information on the woodchuck. Why in the world does anyone want to read about a woodchuck?

I am in Tucson today. It is about a 2 hour drive from Scottsdale. If it weren't for all the highway patrol on the road, I would've fallen asleep and probably hit a cactus.

A guy I work with is a big lover of music. He has given me over 25GB of music to listen too. I pledged that I would listen to everything at least once. I am going in alphabetical order. Here is what I have covered so far:

Weird Al Yankovic (65 songs) - I was never a big fan of Polka music, and Al has done nothing to change my mind
3 Doors Down (12)
ABBA (19)
AC/DC (10) - Could've used more
Aerosmith (25)
Aimme Mann (24) - Sang "What if God was one of us" and nothing else
Al Mckay Allstar (15) - It was enjoyable
Al Stewart (1)
Alan Parsons Project (34) - Never again
Alannah Myles (1) - Black Velvet, need I say more
Alien Ant Farm (1)
All-American Rejects (23) - Solid
America (12)
Antje Duvekot (11) - Exactly
Antsy Pants (2)
Arcade Fire (21) - I don't remember, so that should tell you something
Artic Monkeys (13) - Great name, and that is where it stops
Audioslave (14) - Good
Bad Company (10) - Its Bad Company
Barenaked Ladies (45) - Easy on the ears
Barry Louis Polisar (1)
Beatles (71) - I didn't realize how many Beatles songs I had never heard

I am going to start a theme, hopefully that will make me post more often. The first theme is PEOPLE THAT ARE DUMBER THAN ME.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ten Things Tuesday

I am in Arizona right now, so it is still Tuesday. I have been gone for a while, I will blame it on the summer. My friend XBOX Wife has a weekly 10 things Tuesday where you list the 10 things that you are thankful for the week. You should check it out!

1 I am thankful to have a job that enjoy. It would be nice to be home with my family more, but I have had jobs that really tore me down. I am glad to have something to I can handle.
2 Jackson was nominated for Student Council at his school. I am proud of him. I don't know if that is done randomly or if his teacher see something in that would make him a good fit. I hate that I am away from him so much, but I am proud to hear that he is taking care of business at school.
3 I am sitting outside on the balcony of the Hampton Inn in Scottsdale, AZ. Lightning is filling up the sky. It reminds me of the days that I lived in Midland. I know that West Texas is not the most beautiful or inspirational spot in the state of Texas much less the world, but I am proud of where I grew up.
4 I am thankful for the friends that road to the airport with me on Monday. They were able to experience the beating of riding the bus to airport that I experience every week!
5 I won every fantasy football game that I was involved in.
6 I am thankful to participate in the KK&C Top 20. It feels nice to be involved even though I am not there.
7 I am thankful for old cowboys.
8 I am thankful for the grandparents that watch our kids. I know they can be a handful, but they take them in without hesitation.
9 I am thankful for family.
10 I am thankful for friends.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Its Football Time

It is football time in America. I have been looking forward to this season more than usual. It all started last week with the college football season. I even broke down and recorded the Wake Forest and Baylor game.

I am involved in 3 fantasy football leagues. Two are serious, and I was guilted into one of them. I am not as interested in fantasy sports like I used to be, but it is a good way to stay involved with my buddies. Maybe (although highly doubtful) put a little coin in my pocket.

I am also a pollster in the KK&C College Football Top 20 college football poll. This is my first experience with a football poll, and I have to say my inexperience is showing. I hope to get a little better as the time goes by.

My Texas Tech Red Raiders defeated Eastern Washington. I can't really defend TT scheduling. They generally play high school teams prior to Big 12 play. I will say that they tried to play a semi quality opponent in Tulsa, but they were shafted at the last minute. I didn't see the game, but I have a few questions about the defense. I have long thought they were a decent defense away from challenging in the Big 12. It looks like all the preseason hype over the defense maybe a little overstated. I shouldn't knee jerk, but I think it is more a case of not getting my hopes up. They generally lay a frustrating egg. I think there will be a clearer picture of how this season will go after the game against Nevada. Nevada apparently runs the ball like crazy.

Finally I am in an NFL suicide poll. I have gone in with a buddy, but if you knew the typical results of our endeavors you would be asking me why I even bother. It seems like we always start with a "there is no way we can lose" attitude only to be disappointed. Sometimes the disappointment doesn't show its face until the last minute, but usually it rears it's ugly head way earlier. This time I think we have conceded that there is no way we'll win. I guess it softens the blow of losing.

Can't wait for Redskins/Giants, but I really can't wait until the Cowboys. Have fun with football season. I hope to have an update sometime during the season.